What workbooks are you using with your kiddos?
Have you started your workbooks??? ^_^ 
First off let's remember that workbooks for early preschoolers are not a 30 minute to an Hour activity! If your doing a workbook for that long, you need to re-evaluate it's effectiveness.

I have found some of my favorites in storage and want to share with you!

Big Workbooks: Big Preschool Workbook
  I have recommended and used this one many times!
Preschool Basics
Preschool Basics is FANTASTIC for getting started ON ANY workbook with your child!

Today's Activity if SO MUCH FUN and can be QUITE MESSY! (That's was a fair warning!^_^)

Have the kids make their own Sugar Bear picture.

Crafts: Cinnamon Sugar Bears
  • Have your kiddies cut out a bear shape,which I have provided in the link or you can precut them if this is too difficult for your preschoolers.  
  • Then they should cover it in liquid glue and dip it first in cinnamon, then in sugar. 
  • It will smell delicious and look just like the real thing!  
  • Hang them on the windows, mantle or household bulletin board for a Teddy Bear Parade!

Always a hit and just a little different to make it unique. 


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