Got some GREAT tips today from Vaness over at Pre-K Pages. She shares with us these top 10 tips on how to handle not only these holidays but year round  vacation time, when the kiddos are home! ^_^
  1. Write all of your thank-you cards for the last day of school before vacation in advance using Tiny Prints or similar, all you have to do is sign your name.  
  2. Shop on-line whenever possible to save time.  
  3. Wrap gifts on one day only, not one at a time as they are purchased. 
  4. Limit the number of cookie or gift exchanges you participate in.
  5. Purchase and address your holiday cards during Thanksgiving vacation or earlier.  
  6. If you bake, do it on one day only and freeze the baked goods for use as needed.  
  7. Do your December lesson planning in November and make sure you have everything you need for every lesson in advance.  
  8. Have your sub plans ready to go in case illness strikes unexpectedly.
  9. Enlist parent volunteers to help out with holiday projects and parties.
  10. Allow time for yourself so you don't become overwhelmed


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