What Color Fish Does ___ See?
In this game, you will need to put up different colors of fish on
a felt board. 

There should be lots of colors and sizes to keep the students
searching.  The class should clap out a rhythm with their hands and
their laps, and you should sing, "So many fish in the big, blue
sea.  What color fish does ___ see?" 

The student whom you name will have to call out, "So many fish in
the big, blue sea.  I see a _____ fish in the sea."  Then, that
same student will start out the rhythm and call on another student.
 Everyone should sit in a circle for this game, and if anyone names
the same color of fish as someone else, then that person has to sit
in the center of the circle. 

The game goes on until all the colors are named or everyone gets in
the middle of the circle by naming the wrong color.
Here's a cutout you can use and color for a few days to collect enough fish for the game! 


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