Cherry Blossom Wall Hanging



Blue Construction Paper

Brown Marker or Paint

Pink Powdered Tempera Paint

Popped Popcorn (plain)


Cardboard or Cardstock paper

Give each child a sheet of blue construction paper.

Show them how to make a tree trunk with the brown marker or paint

(show them how to make a large Y on the paper and then add smaller

lines in the middle for branches).

Put the popcorn and some of the powdered pink paint in a plastic

bag and shake. These will be your blossoms.

Pour the pink popcorn onto a tray. Put white craft glue on a paper

plate and let the kids dip the popcorn into the glue and then stick

to their tree brances to make their Cherry Blossom Tree.

You can glue a piece of cardboard or cardstock to the back to

stiffen the picture.

Viola! Your Cherry Blossom Tree


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