In talking with my good friend, Jackie from Steps of Faith, she mentioned that one of her favorite times to spend with her little one is DANCE TIME! And mannnn, that brought back so many memories for me! I had full dance days with my little class and they LOVED it!

Some ideas:
  • Where you socks on your hands and Dance!
  • Magic color dance day: Pick a color in the morning and all day long if anyone says the "MAGIC COLOR WORD" you have to break into your dance moves!
  • Record your dancing: Break out the video camera and make your OWN music video!
  • FREEZE Dance- you know...musical chairs except NO chairs! Play the music and stop the music!
Now it's your turn to try!!! Let's see you move with you little ones! And to inspire you here are some links to some GREAT music for FREE!  and to BUY- 100 Singalong Songs for KidsKids Dance Party

I can't wait to see your DANCE MOVES!


  1. Oh we LOVE freeze dancing! Everyone from my 12yo to my 3yo has fun!


  1. New follower from Blog Hop Thursday. My computer wasn't working yesterday. Doylene

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