How much fun is Easter????? I know that this is definitely one of our favorites in our house!

When my guys were little we had a traditional egg hunt right after church on Easter Sunday! No plastic eggs for us!!! Nooo, we had to boil and paint our eggs on Friday and Saturday just to get ready! As they got older they realized that we had just as much fun filling the plastic eggs with all the goodies than painting them! and to get dressed to the nines was an adventure all on it own with my little ones! LOL!

A Few years after, I had my first preschoolers in the house and man oh man they loved Holy week! We had an activity for EVERYDAY!

Here are some of my favorite pages we colored, painted and cut out!

This site is my fave when it comes to online coloring, and offline coloring! Check them out! Easter KidzPage
and here's a sample of just a few of the Easter gift tags that the folks at Free Printable Gift Tags


  1. I am going to print these out for my little ones!!! THanks Prekideas!!!

  1. These are such adorable ideas! I have a ECE degree but I am currently a SAHM! I hope to one day teach Kindergarten and could use some great ideas! I look forward to reading more!

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  1. Great Ideas!! I have a 3 year old and I watch a 4 year old!! Thank you for sharing! I am following you from finding new friends blog hop (I am a cohost) can't wait to see more!!

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